Saturday, February 20, 2010


Friday evenings are my turn to take Thing 1 to swim practice. So i quickly leave my desk and make sure she has her suit on, swim bag and we run. We leave at 5 and don't get home until 7. Oh and some instructions yelled out to my husband as to what he can make for dinner (really his one night to make dinner).

So we get home and there's pizza. Kids were happy, I was tired and would have preferred something else, but we didn't have anything else. So I ate a slice, and then finished my daughter's slice (something I said I shouldn't do in a previous post)! I was going to beat myself up, but was really too tired. I weighed myself today and no damage done. I think eating well the rest of the day and most of the week helped. I know as I drop pounds I'm really going to have to exercise more to ensure slip ups or indulgences like this don't result in a weight gain.

So what will I do differently next week? I know next week is going to be a busy work week, so I am going to make sure I stock up on healthy foods. I really like garden burgers, but didn't have any in the house, so I'll make sure I have those in as a quick meal for myself. Also lots of veggies, frozen too. I need to come up with some other make ahead meal ideas that we can all have or that I can have when I don't want to join in on the pizza. Or maybe have a small slice of pizza with something else healthy of my choosing?


  1. Thanks for your comment. You mentioned the adult taking a lesson. Yes many adults take lessons to learn to swim with better technique. I swam for 10 years on a team as a child and I still take workshops and take coaching for endurance without injury. Just a little tweaking can make things so much more enjoyable.
    Good plan on stocking up for your coming week.

  2. Do you make the pizza or is it takeout? You can always get whole wheat Boboli crusts and have everyone put on their own toppings. That way you can have pizza and have it the way you want and enjoy every bite!

  3. Lori, in this case it was delivery pizza. (Remember it was my husband's night to "cook"! We've made homemade pizza in the past with dough from the bakery section of the store. I like the idea of getting the boboli crusts. I wonder if they freeze well? Thanks for the tip!