Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good workout day

I got to the gym today, 2 days in a row, whoo hoo! I did two miles on the treadmill and then some weight machines for a total of about 50 minutes at the gym. I was proud of myself and felt good when I left.

I had a good day of eating yesterday, due to all the healthy choices I surrounded myself with.

As expected, I'm pretty much back down to my Sunday weigh in weight after a day, so no harm done. Tomorrow it will be one month since I started this weight loss quest. I had told my husband that I wanted to to this, and he supported me joining the gym. He challenged me to losing 2 pounds a month for a year. Very doable! Of course I've lost more than 2 pounds. Even if I only lost 2 pounds a month, that would mean next January I would weigh 24 pounds less, and that wouldn't bad! But I hope I can way exceed that. I know I will.

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