Monday, March 1, 2010

Survived the weekend

I got through the weekend enjoying myself and even losing weight. This was with eating at an Indian buffet on Friday, going out to a big charity event with a huge buffet and drinks on Saturday night, and eating homemade pizza yesterday! I really believe that if you try to do your best 80-90 percent of the time, that "relaxing", not bingeing, and enjoying yourself will not do any damage.

The Indian buffet is a place my husband and I like to go to lunch every once in a while. How do I manage to either maintain or lose weight the day after eating at this buffet? For one, I think it's healthy. There are lots of veggies in these dishes. A lot of them are in sauces, but I don't think the sauces have too much fat. The sauce just is not greasy or oily on the plate. I also don't think there is a lot of salt. Lots of spices yes, but not too much salt. Finally, as much as I love the naan bread, I just don't have it anymore. And no rice. And no dessert.

As far as the charity event, it was fun! I knew all week I wanted to relax and enjoy this event so I really was good eating all week. When faced with this huge buffet, I first filled a plate with raw veggies and fruit and a bunch of shrimp with cocktail sauce and some salad. I love shrimp! Then when I was ready to attack the buffet again, I wasn't ravenous. I had some pasta with marinara sauce, a spring roll and some green beans with almonds. I think that was it. I had a bit of my husband's dessert, which wasn't that great. I had two glasses of wine. I met Elvis and Marilyn Monroe! Had a nice time out. When I was putting on my dress, I thought to myself I wished how much I weighed less. But I was so happy that I weighed 10 pounds less than a month ago.

And as for the pizza, I had a great day of eating. Bad on exercise, though! I realize that not getting enough sleep really really affects me. We stayed up later than usual and then Thing 2 woke me up in the middle of the night. So I was tired on Sunday. While my husband took the girls for a bikeride, which would have been good exercise and just a fun thing to do, I took a nap. Because I needed it.

We made homemade pizza. While I could have made it healthier, we always make a nice thin crust, so I think that helped.

I did not go the gym today, bad me! And tomorrow is the only other day I can go. Busy work week and husband will be out of town so I can sneak out of the house early. So I'll do the best I can and hope for the best!

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