Friday, June 4, 2010

Keep on trucking, indeed!

Well I have had quite a week. My weigh in for today is 191. No change, and I'll happily take it.

First off, I had my medical test yesterday which I got increasingly stressed over and all is well! They gave me a sedative for the test so I was sleepy all day. So glad that's over and I'm even more resolved to remain healthy!

Second, both my kids have been plagued with ailments. They both had swimmers ear. Thing 2 recovered quickly, Thing 1 didn't. Then Thing 1 got her first dental appliance. Mouth pain. Then thing 1 got diarrhea and fever. So the week of camp I payed for was a wasted. The piano recital tonight for Thing 2 looks unlikely, and I'm hoping both girls can swim tomorrow in the special invitational meet.

That on top of Memorial Day weekend guests and I'm just glad we made it through. I'll happily take staying the same and start fresh today. I spent so much time in bed yesterday that I think even the slightest bit of exercise should move the scale!

Really, I am so grateful for so many things, health being foremost on my mind.


  1. Isn't is wonderful when we can appreciate our heath and start taking better care of ourselves! Good for you ,
    Have a pretty day.

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